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How to Host a Forum
We're now accepting submissions to host a forum. Please see our previous forums for background -- and we have a new forum going up tomorrow!

Organizing a forum is an amazing experience. You work in teams to come up with the prompt, which is the part at the beginning of the forum where you introduce the set of questions and fields to the rest of the group. The forums usually get about 100 comments in the first few weeks, and often generate over 10 000 page views in the first few months. Some forums have ultimately doubled and tripled that number. It's an excellent way to host a conversation and meet other young scholars or academics who are interested in the same questions. As a host, you can also list the forum on your c.v.

Forums are something like a conference or a panel, and require a bit of work ahead of time:
- come up with the topic with your group
- brainstorm your ideas and links
- write the prompt, including links
- invite other guests (if desired)
- suggest some images or other media to be included
- help promote the forum
- stick around the first few weeks to help guide the conversation or answer questions -- usually offering ~2 comments the first week or so

As the director of Scholars, I organize some of the forums by finding pockets of folks working around a similar topic, and helping them get started. But we would like to have you develop most of these forums. If your submission is selected, I will help you organize the development and give you some tips on the process, but the entire forum is organized by the Scholars, so you must be willing to commit to a date and work together! Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that all forum topics will be run because we only run 4-8 forums a year.

I'm now accepting submissions for December and January forums. We will have another deadline in the spring for later forums.

Here's how to submit:

  1. Write to this listserv and suggest your forum topic. Give us the general topic, a few points of explanation, along with any important links or background.
  2. If you see a suggested topic that interests you, and you'd like to co-host it, write back to that Scholar expressing your interest and introduce yourself!
  3. Once there is a small team of 2-5 Scholars interested in a topic, work on your application on the new Wiki or a Google Doc, whichever you prefer. You can ask others for input if it's on the Wiki!
  4. Work together on a brief submission: introduce the topic, identify some of the major questions or projects in that field, and explain why it would make a good forum. Remember - HASTAC is really interdisciplinary so the best forums are those that allow different folks to come together.
  5. Confirm that you would all be available for the specified launch month
  6. Forums are generally not hosted by Scholars from only one university

Application deadlines:
Deadline for December forum: November 15
Deadline for January forum: November 22

A few ideas to get the ball rolling:
- environment/ecology/food
- medicine, science, bioart
- art/film/media
- nonprofit/civic organizations/

Looking forward to seeing some of your awesome ideas! PLEASE let me know if you have any questions.